Ürün Kodu: QD-FAN-R

QUAD On/Off Timer + Relay

Durable push button used in Fusion, Epak, Mono car operating panels
and Race, Mono, Eco landing operating panels. 

We insist you haven’t seen such button before, nor you have ever felt or used. Special structure makes the model extremely simple in use.

Lighted button frame, protruding symbols to support people with poor eyesight, different color options and stainless steel touch plate make the QUAD button suitable for any elevator.

Easy installation and comfortable use of the button suit for hospitals, public offices, private company buildings, special child centers and other buildings
  • Stainless steel touch plate
  • Lighted symbols and button frames
  • Mat chrome-plated ABS body
  • Even lighting via 8 LED elements
  • Protruding symbols to support people with poor eyesight
  • Durable silicon plunger of the tact switch
  • Color variations
  • Bridge rectifier circuit (option) 

Available Figures

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