Ürün Kodu: JUNIOR

JUNIOR Programmable LCD Graphic Indicator

These are widely compatible indicators: Gray / Binary / 7-segment / CMC3 / DO1 MEA / MEA NG12-02 / 1 wire per floor / Counter. Flexible adjusting capacity: 64 frames in 64x128 px resolution can be programmed each independently. Extra 19 frames for demo mode (play your gif animation or make slideshow on standby), with adjustable timing. Overload buzzer onboard. 

Suitable for any landing or car operator panel for high towers. Programmable graphic LCD is best choise for any elevator.

Programming kit and personal computer are enough to make your LCD-display show any picture or symbol you want 
  • Programmable graphic LCD-display,
  • Resolution 128х64 pixel,
  • Display size 70х4mm, whole unit size 110х71х28mm,
  • Operating voltage 12VDC - 30 VDC,
  • Linear power supply,
  • Coded by programming kit PP200 and personal computer.

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