Avox Petra

Avox Petra

Ürün Kodu: Avox Petra

AVOX PETRA Car Operating Panel

AVOX series car operator panels assure fast and easy installation in the car.

Due to smart and unique design AVOX will suit any elevator – hospital, shopping center, public building and others.

  • Petra multimedia landing indicator
  • Bright LED emergency lighting
  • Lighted and protruding symbols to support poor eyesighted people.
  • Two-way communication unit with high-quality sound transmission.
  • Dimensions 750х150mm

  • For elevators with up to 14 landings (Model AV7)

  • Easy and fast installation

  • Buttons with protruding symbols to support poor eyesighted people

  • Brushed AISI 304L stainless steel framework

  • Fan button with two contacts, timer and blinking lighting

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